Toxic Workplaces

Toxic Workplaces

A nowhere God of no time


Flying insults,
unleashing one sided power
The almighty sits
rubbing contently
Remoulding the sides of the boardroom chair

Despise, fear,
a seeing still not believed
The audience split between the faithful and the damned
wondering who is next
anxious, petrified.

Worshiped, needed and hated
the unloved child, hides behind the gruesome mass

A silent betrayal of self and others
heart pounding, palms sweating, the fallen prepare
Morality rests as others get beaten
a secret joy, a rest bite from being torn
belittled, pealed, layer by layer
to amuse the self proclaimed
generous feeder to the people

The lovers intoxicate,
worshipping the clockwork omnipotence
the never ending stab stab stab
justified by passed conquers unknown.
Stories to be learnt
behaviours to be emulated

Ostracised, the unbeliever sits
confounded, searching, seeking, waiting
The targeted chipping takes it toll
on families, lovers, friends
Resilience, stupidity or just dependence
unknowingly, the damned
provide the futures food

The drunk lovers with umbilical hangovers,
left overs piled high,
reciprocity indebted worshippers,
life long dependance,
Your life’s king scarified to be someones pawn

Good souls trapped, discarded, wounded
a half hearted belief in a better promise
Lifelong alliances arise, disparate individuals create
the harmony of disharmony
Grown men tears breed new stories
New behaviours, new alternatives

A forgotten God of no time

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  1. Imagine how many boardrooms or meetings run this way… the ego’s of business and power

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