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Lean Thinking Business Course

Lean Management Business Course
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Level Up Your Business Skills With our Lean Thinking Online Course. Our Lean Course is an in-depth programme that will immerse you in implementing and managing lean business principles and problem-solving.

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Lean Thinking Online Course

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Our Customer Reviews

Rating 4.7 (990)
Gordon Flack
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For an Introductory course this covered a great deal of information, and provided some valuable insights into tools and techniques for applying Lean principles. I would definitely recommend it to others wanting to start out on Lean Management.
John Williamson
John Williamson
Royal Air Force
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The package is very well put together and is well supported by Reagan. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to improve the way they think and work.
Beatriz Marinho
Beatriz Marinho
Health Care
Read More
The instructor and course are excellent! The material is amazing and didactic, with real-life examples! Really met my expectations, I definitely recommend it!
Dima Al Rei
Dima Al Rei
Read More
Simple, informative, great coverage! For someone who had very little information about lean six sigma, I have learned a lot in a very short period of time and would definitely recommend it.
MIchael Cross
MIchael Cross
Read More
The course is visually great and explained clearly. There are the options to communicate should you wish to which is also a plus should you need it. Clear precise and easy to follow, cannot ask for more.
Afzal Muhammad
Afzal Muhammad
Buyer Supply Agreements
Read More
This course is prepared by experts the way it is taught and presented to the learner. I have prior experience in doing lean six sigma projects, so it was very very refreshing and exciting each and every slide. The language used is simple yet impactful.
Cherie Mak
Cherie Mak
Legal Solutions Engineer
Read More
The course was very comprehensive, well-organised and easy to understand. The instructors are clearly knowledgeable and made sure to explain key concepts in a clear way with multiple life examples. Thank you so much for this great course - I really enjoyed the videos (which are at the just the right length) and I appreciate the nice graphic and consistency on the slides. Highly recommended!
Simon Organ
Simon Organ
Service Team Lead
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Just starting to dip my toes in to Lean & Six Sigma and this course has provided a great introduction to the tools and processes involved. Looking forward to using everything I’ve learned and progressing to the green belt.
Geri Girardi
Geri Girardi
Service Manager
Read More
This course has built my confidence and refreshed a number of skills I had not used in while. This course is great for managers and those wanting to pursue a career in project management. This course marries Lean and Six Sigma methodologies very well together and the online material is well thought out, informative and useful. I enjoyed being challenged and completing the project allowed me to apply the knowledge and skills I had acquired. I'd highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their knowledge and skills in this area.

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How it works

Each course combines online learning, assignments & projects

Online Learning

Complete the self-paced flexible learning that fits around your schedule.


Watch the videos and webinars, complete the assignments throughout the course by uploading them for review. 1-2-1 feedback on all assignments.

Exam & Project

Pass the end of course multiple-choice module and submit an example process improvement project.


Once all completed, receive your Leanscape Lean Thinking Business Course Certificate.

Lean Thinking Business Course

Our Lean Course is an in-depth programme that will immerse you in the practical implementation and management of lean business principles and problem-solving. 

You will be equipped with the knowledge of what drives world class business performance and how to leverage these skills to transform your career growth. These are the essential skills required of leaders who will not be rendered obsolete in the rapidly changing environment of business today.

Business management skills will you acquire

Book a 15-mins call with one of our team to find out if the Green Belt is right for you.

Analytical Thinking

Learn to use data and analytical tools to deliver business critical insights and leverage data led solutions to identify impactful business improvements.

Complex Problem Solving

Develop the mindset and capability to attack large and complex business challenges and deliver improvement throughout the business.

Critical Thinking

Develop your critical thinking tool kits to turn business challenges into opportunities to navigate the constantly changing business landscape.

Strategic Thinking

Expand your strategic mindset to link customers, processes and business results to identify strategic focused projects for long term growth.

Business Transformation

How you can leverage Lean Thinking to identify organisation wide improvement initiatives into transformation programs.

Leadership and Influence

Build your change management, project leadership and influencing skills to align people across the organisation and build high performing teams through the growth mindset.


Lean Thinking Business Course Overview

Follow each of the modules at your own pace. Every section builds your knowledge and understanding of essential business improvement tools.

  • Lean Thinking – Introduction
  • Welcome to the Lean Thinking Course
  • How to use this course!
  • Lean in 60 Seconds
  • Discussions
  • Learn & Lean Session
  • An Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Background: Lean Philosophy, history and background
  • Webinar Session
  • The Scientific Problem Solving Approach – PDCA (YB)
  • How to Identify Customer Value (YB)
  • The Eight Wastes (YB)
  • The 5 Principles of Lean (YB)
  • TEDx Video on Lean Applied to Us (YB)
  • Process Thinking Part 1 – Introduction (YB)
  • Process Thinking Park 2 – SIPOC (YB)
  • Process Thinking Part 3 – Activity Map (YB)
  • 5S and Workplace Design (YB)
  • An Introduction – Value Stream Mapping
  • 5 Whys and Identifying Root Causes (YB)
  • F1 Pit Stops – Line Balancing and Standard Work
  • Hurricane Sandy Video (YB)
  • Batch, Flow, Takt, Pull
  • Poke-Yoke & Error Proofing
  • Visual Management
  • A3 Problem Solving

In this module, we look at ensuring that our processes continue to perform as expected after improvements have been made. We explore establishing controls, monitoring performance and developing an effective control process.

At the end of this Module, you will be able to set up an effective process of monitoring and control.

SPC | Standard Work | Benefit Analysis | Project Close Out

This module is focused on introducing the ideas and concepts behind change management. Change Management is critical for any Lean Practitioner to make lasting change happen.

We introduce the idea of the change curve and how to support your teams through change.

Change Management | Change Curve

With all the theory and learning behind you, this module includes your final multiple choice exam.

There are no limits on the number of times you can take the exam, but an 80% pass rate is required.

The last module is your opportunity to complete a real-world project with our support, coaching and mentoring. You must deliver either a real-world improvement or a simulated example (given by us) to finalise your certification.

You have direct access to your coach and mentor to support you through either the simulated or real-world project.

Project Delivery | Managing a Project | Driving Real World Change

The final Course Summary and time for you to congratulate yourself on completing the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course.

Meet your coaches

Reagan Pannell Portait 1 to 1

Reagan Pannell

Founder of Leanscape

CEO Reagan Pannell founded Leanscape in order to empower organisations and individuals to create value for their customers, shareholders and the wider community.

He now leads the online training, coaching and mentoring along with the team of remote and site based Lean subject matter experts.

Connect with Reagan on LinkedIn.

Accredited Lean Thinking Online Business Course

Frequently Asked Questions

No, each topic will be taught from the ground up and requires no prior knowledge. Therefore, there is no need to have taken any other Lean Course before taking this course.

The course is broken up into online learning and assignments and the final project submission.

You can compete the online learning in approx 12 hours.

The course was created by Reagan and the material has been built and developed over the last 15 years. It is the same as that delivered to global organisation

This course will give you a new depth of problem-solving, analytical thinking and business improvement capabilities that are missing for 99% of all L&D programs. This course will change the way your approach your team, your business unit and your entire organisation.

It does not matter your level, the content of this course provides the foundation for someone new to the concepts or provides a welcome refresher. With the opportunity to submit real-world assignments, take the opportunity to practise you skills and learn from the 1-2-1 feedback.