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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online Certification

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Lean Six Sigma Certification by Certification of Professional Development


Our courses are all accredited by the CPD Certification Service to provide Continuous Professional Development. We also help candidates undertake both IASSC and ASQ Examinations if required.


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Rating 4.7 (236)
After completing the Fundamentals of Lean, I jumped onto the Yellow Belt and once again, the package is very well put together and is well supported by Reagan. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to improve the way they think and work.
John Williamson
"The instructor and course are excellent! The material is amazing and didactic, with real-life examples! Really met my expectations, I definitely recommend it!"
Beatriz Marinho
"Simple, informative, great coverage! For someone who had very little information about lean six sigma, I have learned a lot in a very short period of time and would definitely recommend it."
Dima Al Rai - Client Testimonial
Dima Al Rai
LeanScape Customers

How does it work?


Complete the self-paced flexible learning that fits around your schedule.


Watch the videos, webinars and complete the end of modules quizzes and pass the end of course multiple choice exam.


Receive your Yellow Belt Certificate once all assignments are complete


[Optional] Identify and deliver a real-world project with 2 months of mentoring (Advanced YB Certificate)

Yellow Belt Course

Accelerate your professional career to new heights with Lean Six Sigma. Engaging webinars, hands-on activities, and interactive case studies on our fully accredited Yellow Belt training will equip you with the very same executive training we provide to some of the world’s leading organisations.

Accelerate your professional career to new heights with Lean Six Sigma. Engaging webinars, hands-on activities, and interactive case studies on our fully accredited Yellow Belt training will equip you with the very same executive training we provide to some of the world’s leading organisations.

With process-thinking skills that apply across all corporate sectors and professional contexts, you will be preparing today for the role that will you see you adapt and innovate the future of business tomorrow.

What business management skills will you acquire

Problem Solving

Learn how to break problems down and deliver improvements that make a real difference.

Project Management Skills

Develop your project management skills to learn how construct projects and build high performing project teams.

Workplace Organisation

Become capable of building high performing work environments to boost productivity, quality and employee engagement.

Root Cause Analysis

Develop the capabilities and skills to uncover the true root causes of issues to make lasting improvements

Change Management Skills

Build your change management skills and learn how to make change happen different levels across organisations

How to Grow Your Customers Base

Learn how using Lean can help keep and grow your customer base by being better than competitors and creating more value.

what is lean six sigma YELLOW belt

Yellow Belt Syllabus Course Overview

Follow each of our Yellow Belt Course modules at your own pace. Every section builds your knowledge and understanding of key business improvement tools.

  • Welcome

  • Course Navigation

  • Welcome to our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

  • Discussions & Community Groups!

  • Learn & Lean (Bi-Weekly Free Sessions)

  • Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

  • How Will I Get Certified?

  • Download the Course Introduction

  • Lean in 60 Seconds

  • Module 01 – Lean Thinking Slides

  • An Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

  • The 5 Principles of Lean

  • The Scientific Problem Solving Approach – PDCA

  • How to Identify Customer Value.

  • The Eight Wastes

  • TEDx Video on Lean Applied to Us

  • Process Thinking Part 1 – Introduction

  • Process Thinking Park 2 – SIPOC

  • Process Thinking Part 3 – Activity Map

  • 5S and Workplace Design

  • Activity 01 – Identify Customer Value

  • Activity 02 – Waste Walk

  • Activity 03 – 5S Activity

  • Hurricane Sandy Video

  • Let us know what you think!

  • Module 1 – Quiz

  • An Introduction to Six Sigma

  • Module 02 – Define Slides

  • An Introduction to DMAIC

  • An Introduction to Define

  • Problem Statements & Goal Statements

  • Understanding the Voice of the Customer

  • Kano Analysis – Digging into Customers Needs

  • Define the Process

  • Assignment 04: Submit a Process Map

  • Project Structure, Teams and Project Charters

  • Module 02 – Quiz

  • An Introduction to Measure

  • Module 03 – Measure Slides

  • Developing Process Measures

  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

  • An Introduction to Statistics

  • Understanding the Data Worlds

  • Developing Data Collection Plans

  • Measurement System Analysis

  • Distributions & Normal Distribution

  • Graphical Analysis Skills

  • Process Capability Analysis

  • An introduction to DPMO

  • Measure Summary

  • Module 03 – Quiz

  • An Introduction to Analyse

  • Module 04 – Analyse Slides

  • Process Mapping To Identify Root Causes

  • Identifying the Process Wastes – TIMWOODS

  • 5 Whys and Identifying Root Causes

  • Cause & Effect Diagram (Fishbone)

  • Graphical Analysis

  • Correlation & Regression

  • Understanding Risks – FMEA

  • Analyse Summary

  • Module 04 – Quiz

  • An Introduction to Improve

  • Module 05 – Improve Slides

  • Error Proofing and Poke-Yoke

  • Idea Generation: Brainstorming

  • Selecting the Best Solution

  • 5S for Improve

  • An Introduction to Visual Management

  • Pilot Studies & Implementation

  • Improve Summary

  • Let us know what you think!

  • An Introduction to Control

  • Module 6 – Control Slides

  • Developing Control Charts

  • Developing Control Charts

  • 5S and Visual Management In Control

  • Building Control Plans

  • Documenting Standard Work and Processes

  • Project Close Out & Benefits

  • Control Summary

  • Overview of Change Management
  • Your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Online Exam

  • Recommended Further Reading – 12 Best Lean Management Books

  • Your Practical Assignment

  • Project Storyboard Template

  • Submit Your Final Project

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Funding Resources

Over 60% of past participants have been reimbursed for their Masterclass ticket. While we can’t guarantee it, many companies provide employees reimbursement through a budget for continued learning. We have created an email template you can use to share the idea and get buy-in from your manager.

Who Attends

Busy full-time professionals who want to level-up their own innovation skills and drive change within their organizations. It’s your chance to go deeper than the books and learn directly from the authors, thought leaders and leading practitioners in the field.


Meet your coaches

Reagan Pannell Portait 1 to 1

Reagan Pannell

Founder of Leanscape

Leanscape was founded by CEO Reagan Pannell in order to empower organisations and individuals to create value for their customers, shareholders and the wider community.

He now leads the online training, coaching and mentoring along with the team of remote and site based Lean experts.

Accredited Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Lean was engineered to build businesses that last. The Lean Six Sigma Certification will equip you with insights on how to identify and drive business improvements in the changing landscape of business.

Make yourself stand out by not only thinking like a leader but by being able to take action like one. These tools are customer-focused and value-driven – meaning they apply across all business contexts.
Our Lean Six Certifications Free – Fundamentals of Lean are internationally recognised as a key problem-solving and critical thinking qualification. Take the first step to solve problems, manage complex projects and create customer value.
The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is open to everyone without any previous Lean Six Sigma experience. These courses have been built for our blue-chip clients and this is the first time we have made these available to individuals.
The Lean Six Sigma Certification journey starts with the Yellow Belt before extending to the Green Belt, Black Belt and finally the Master Black Belt. As your training grows, your career opportunities grow.
We currently require learners looking to purchase more than one seat for the Foundations of Lean Six Sigma Certificate to let us know by emailing masterclass@leanscape.io and we will take care of the process of payment and enrolling you.
The online study will take the students between 4 to 6 weeks to complete. There are a number of assignments. For the full certification, you must complete a real-world project which may take anything from 2 to 8 weeks.
The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate is given once you have completed the full course – the online training and the real-life project. If you are unable to complete a real-life project we may offer a simulated project in some circumstances. Please get in touch if you have further questions.


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