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An international Lean Management Consultancy designed to tap into the innate potential of organisations to transform and thrive with change.

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We Are Leanscape

Lean Management Consultancy Service to Improve Business Performance

An international Lean Management Consultancy designed to tap into the innate potential of organisations to transform and thrive with change.

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We Are A Lean Management Consultancy

Our Lean Management Consulting Services help transform business and drive bottom-line results. We specialise in supporting clients to improve business results by applying Lean Management across their operations and within their teams.

We provide short-term expertise for project-based initiatives and long-term consultancy support to build operational excellence.

Before beginning any project, we conduct an initial assessment with our clients to understand the potential impact on the business, including the expected Return On Investment.

To learn more about the Initial Assessment approach, book a call to discuss.

Our Services

Our Consultancy Services

Operational Excellence

Our approach to Operational Excellence builds both the operational and managerial tools and structures to achieve excellence

Lean Training

Our approach to Operational Excellence builds both the operational and managerial tools and structures to achieve excellence

Leadership Coaching

Providing leadership coaching to increase impact in this hard to navigate world that requires high-skill, high-concept and high touch leadership

Interim Management

We provide a full suit of Lean Six Sigma training services from on-demand online training through to one site training, coaching and mentoring

Agile & Scrum Training

With our Scrum Masters, we support you build the Agile workflows into your business DNA

Connected Fleet Management

Dedicated teams specialising in Fleet Management, Fleet Operations and Connect Vehicles

Business Process Management

Enabling business through detailed process management and cross-functional alignment across the organisation

Robotic Process Automation

Helping business to grow through scalable automation projects to efficiently leverage resources and drive business performance

Strategy & Transformation

Supporting business translate strategy into KPIs, Balanced Scorecard or OKRs to deliver and execute successfully

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What we offer

Combining Lean with Digital Capabilites



Before we begin any digialisation activities, we standardise to simplify the solution and reduce the overall cost and leadtime



Next we optimise to reduce inefficiencies and streamline the process before applying automation



Through RPA or other software, we automated with a user focus to achieve scalable efficiencies

We Can Help You To Grow Your Business



We help clients to our clients through Lean Training to driver real-world business improvements & delivery strong ROI on projects




Our overall Lean approach, has helped our customers achieve an average of 30% improvement in productivity and capacit




While it’s not always guaranteed, some of our clients have experienced over 32x ROI from our Lean Program

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About Leanscape

We work globally using our network of consultants driving change in global cultures.

Leanscape is a Registered Company in the UK. However, our team work remotely with our Founder based in Portugal. We deliver global solutions locally.

We have been fortunate to work for truly global organisations. With Aramex Ltd, we have trained students in Cairo, South Africa, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE. For the UNHCR we have managed projects cross Western and Eastern Africa. And many of clients are based in Europe or the UK. So yes, we understand how change works against the backdrop of different cultures.

Every project is unique and providing a single approach is impossible. However, we always work with a clear phased work plan document. This provides milestones and project check in points to ensure at each step, we can create value for your organisation. We only work on projects where we can create value!

Our Lean Training is delivered through 3 main avenues. Firstly, online self paced learning. Secondly, physical onsite training and lastly, Masterclasses which provide live webinars alongside online learning.

Our Team

Our team is fully remote providing support globally

Our team of Lean experts come from a range of sectors and backgrounds providing a depth of skills and knowledge to support our clients. 

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The Leanscape journey and introduction to Lean is simply magic. I have been on several Lean management and 5S courses and seminars, but this comes out tops.

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If you would like to find out more about our Lean Consultancy services or our tailored Lean Six Sigma training and mentoring services, please get in touch. We operate as a 100% remote team with our CEO split between Dubai and Lisbon/Portugal.

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