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Fundamentals of Lean

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Rating 4.7 (990)
Sara Gabriela
Sara Gabriela
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This course had changed my way of thinking about the importance of process and the constant improvement. I really believe that with all these tools, I can grow in my just-started professional career. Thanks you so much. 15
Ahmed Intekhab Rohan
Ahmed Intekhab Rohan
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The course was too good. The video lectures are so helpful and the materials are easy to understand
Cameron M. Henry
Cameron M. Henry
Read More
i received valuable insight into reducing waste , reducing cost and improving processes.
Iqra Fathima
Iqra Fathima
Corporate Trainer
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This course was very helpful and will surely be important stepping stone for me in future.
Lhoyd Patrick
Lhoyd Patrick
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It is easy to understand ... It introduces you well as to what Lean and six sigma really are
Maria Inês
Maria Inês
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Not a long course, basic concepts are explained to non-experts in the field in a simple and clear way. At the end, you get a general idea of what lean is and how it manifests itself in organizations
Operations planner
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During this course, i had the opportunity to learn a lot of information related to lean and six sigma that will help me be better and faster at my job, but also change my mindset and the framework i use to run my tasks, to improve the value i provide to the firm.
Ruffine H. Rakotoarisoa
Ruffine H. Rakotoarisoa
Independant Contractor
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I'm totally new about Lean and Six Sigma. This course is well explained and help me to know more and improve myself about waste, process thinking and make business more profitable and competitive. Many thanks for this great job.
DGM Operation Warehouse PPCe
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Excellent superb course for quick learning for the core concepts of lean and six sigma in practical situation in workplace
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As a graduate in organisational theory I already know of key concepts and should probably have chosen a more advanced course. But it was still great with a brush up.
Omar Abdalla
Omar AbdallaHR Officer
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I absolutely love the skills I learnt today.They will come in very handy when I alter the knowledge in my line of work. It’s a great skill set to have that gives me a greater appreciation of a Introduction to Six Sigma and how it’s help the organization or any facility setup to serve the customer demands without wasting time and value and the skill needed to create them!

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Fundamentals of Lean

Prepare yourself for the competitive landscape of tomorrow.

In a rapidly changing global economy, executives must embrace lean management principles to stay ahead of the competition. Adaptability and agility are key in today’s technological landscape: executive knowhow is no longer enough – you need an edge that only comes from effective lean thinking.

Register today for our Free Lean Six Sigma Certification – Fundamentals of Lean

This free Lean Six Sigma Course is your ticket to the upper echelons of managerial excellence. It will provide a comprehensive overview of modern business principles, laying out all the essential ingredients for success in today’s rapidly changing world. It will leave you feeling empowered and armed with certifiable competencies that will take your career up a notch!

Unlock access to the thought processes of top-level executives by receiving your free Lean Six Sigma Certification. Join a passionate community as you uncover innovative solutions and exciting possibilities for problem solving through modern techniques.

Fundamentals of Lean Certificate Example

Business management skills will you acquire

Learn the foundations of business improvement.

An Introduction to Lean Thinking

Learn how global and startup businesses use Lean Thinking to deliver process improvement and employee engagement.

Problem Solving Introduction

Develop your problem solving understanding by focusing on customer value creation and reducing wastes within processes.

Performance Improvement

Build the ability to identify problems and understand the Lean approach that can be used to deliver business improvements.

Waste Identification

Learn about the key wastes that impact process efficiencies and how to improve overall cost, quality and delivery of operational processes.


Fundamentals of Lean Syllabus

Learn about the fundamental Lean Six Sigma Principles and follow each module at your own pace. Every section builds your knowledge and understanding of essential business improvement tools.

Unlock the secrets of Lean Six Sigma and get ahead in your career with our FREE 30-day training course. We’ll kick off by testing what you already know through a brief quiz, so that we can tailor each lesson to meet your unique learning needs. Don’t waste any time – start mastering quality process improvement today!

Lean in 60 seconds

A short introduction to the overall idea behind Lean

Understanding your current working environment

What type of working environment are you working in today? Is it based on excellent people or excellent processes? Are you firefighting?

The Core Principles Behind Lean

A video which explores what are the 5 Principles of Lean and how they underpin everything we should be striving to do daily.

Value Add

So what is value add and how do we identify what adds value to our customers and our teams.

Become a Process Thinking

Lean is process focused. Learn how to stop blaming people and focus on why the process went wrong.

Eight Wastes | TIMWOODS

Learn how we can use TIMWOODS to help identify activities that do not add value to our customers. 

Quick Knowledge Check

A short multiple choice quiz to make sure you have picked up the key ideas.

2.1 What is Six Sigma?

So what actually does Six Sigma mean? In this module, we will explore the background of six sigma, where it came from and what does it mean to business today. We will look at the impact of poor sigma levels in business operations and how the six sigma approach can enable world-class performance.

Learn how to incorporate Six Sigma principles and utilize free training courses available online, for maximum impact on your business. Once you have gained a solid understanding of the tools offered in this powerful management system, delve deeper into the synergy between Lean and Six Sigma projects that can propel your organisation forward with real results!


How does Lean impact business performance and overall business results.

Why is Lean Important for Business?

Your First Improvement Idea

What are the Lean Qualifications?

How to get trained in Lean?

What Lean Six Sigma Course is Right For You?

We rap up the course with:

Fundamentals of Lean Test

Course Conclusion

A look at the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

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Reagan Pannell Portait 1 to 1

Reagan Pannell

Founder of Leanscape

Reagan is the founder of Leanscape and a MBB with over 15 years experience across multiple sectors. He has worked across Europe, MENA, North American and Asia.


Frequent Questions

The Fundamentals of Lean free course is an educational program offered by the Lean Academy. It provides students with an introduction to lean principles and practices. The course covers the seven wastes, process improvement, value stream mapping, 5S methodology, continuous improvement cycles, and more. It includes online lessons, modules, tools, and resources to help students learn the fundamentals. It is designed to provide a basic understanding of lean concepts and introduce how they can be used in business operations. 

The course covers topics such as the seven wastes, process improvement, value stream mapping, 5S methodology, continuous improvement cycles, setting up a basic Lean system in any organisation and more. It includes online lessons, modules, tools, and resources to help students learn the fundamentals of lean concepts. This course is designed to give students a solid understanding of how they can apply these concepts in their business operations.

The Fundamental of Lean course typically takes 90 minutes to complete and covers an introduction to the core fundamentals principles behind Lean and Lean Thinking.

This course is an introductory course and, therefore, does not require any prior knowledge. The course includes online lessons and modules with tools and resources to help students learn the fundamentals of lean concepts. 

This 90-minute course is an 100% online course which gives students access to a range of videos lessons to help build an understanding of the lean six sigma fundamentals tools and ideas.


Upon completing the Lean Academy´s Fundamentals of Lean free course, students will receive a certificate acknowledging their learning and understanding of fundamental lean principles and practices. The certificate is a source of lifetime recognition and proof of completion for the free course of Lean Academy’s Fundamentals of Lean. Students are encouraged to keep their credentials as they will serve as evidence in any future job application, interview, or internal promotion.

The Fundamentals of Lean free course was developed by Reagan Pannell, an experienced lean practitioner and consultant working in this field for over 15 years. Through his hard work and dedication, he has designed the program to offer a comprehensive introduction to lean principles and practices.  Reagan’s goal is to give students the knowledge and understanding they need to apply these concepts in their business operations. The course includes online lessons, modules and tools to help students learn the fundamentals of lean concepts.

Our advice to learn more is to get started. It’s 100% free to join, so jump on and enrol today. This will open up the Lean Thinking mindset, and you can then explore the topic in more detail.