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Exceptional!!! The training exceeds all my expectations!
Karolina Figueiredo
Karolina Figueiredo
"Very well constructed course by a company that obviously knows Lean Six Sigma very well."
Gregory Houlders
“Thank you so much for this amazing interactive course – It is great to use the collaboration tools”
Mustafa Molla
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Fundamentals of Lean

Lean Six Sigma Free Certification


Prepare yourself for the competitive landscape of tomorrow.

Discover the essential lean management thinking required in a world where technological innovation and rapid evolution in consumer demands render executive skills and even entire corporate sectors obsolete faster than ever before.

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This Lean Six Sigma Course (free) covers the essential managerial skills required for the new landscape of business. It will introduce you to a number of fundamental concepts in creating a lean business that thrives in today’s world of rapid change. It will enable you to connect with the mindsets of senior executives as it introduces you to methods used to deconstruct problems, identify opportunity, and test new ways of doing things.

What business management skills will you acquire

An Introduction to Lean Thinking

Learn how global and startup businesses use Lean Thinking to deliver both process improvement and employee engagement.

Performance Improvement

Build the ability to identify problems and understand the overall Lean approach that can be used to deliver business improvements.

Problem Solving Introduction

Develop your problem solving understanding by focusing on customer value creation and reducing wastes within processes.

Waste Identification

Learn about the key wastes that impact process efficiencies and learn how to improve overall cost, quality and delivery of operational processes.


Fundamentals of Lean Syllabus
Course Overview

Follow each of our modules at your own pace. Every section builds your knowledge and understanding of key business improvement tools.

An introduction to the course and a short Lean and problem-solving quiz to get things started.

Lean in 60 seconds

A short introduction to the overall idea behind Lean

Understanding your current working environment

What type of working environment are you working in today? Is it based on excellent people or excellent processes? Are you firefighting?

The Core Principles Behind Lean

A video which explores what are the 5 Principles of Lean and how they underpin everything we should be striving to do daily.

Value Add

So what is value add and how do we identify what adds value to our customers and our teams.

Become a Process Thinking

Lean is process focused. Learn how to stop blaming people and focus on why the process went wrong.

Eight Wastes | TIMWOODS

Learn how we can use TIMWOODS to help identify activities that do not add value to our customers. 

Quick Knowledge Check

A short multiple choice quiz to make sure you have picked up the key ideas.

2.1 What is Six Sigma?

So what actually does Six Sigma mean? In this module, we will explore the background of six sigma, where it came from and what does it mean to business today. We will look at the impact of poor sigma levels in business operations and how the six sigma approach can enable world-class performance.

How does Lean impact business performance and overall business results.

Why is Lean Important for Business?

Your First Improvement Idea

What are the Lean Qualifications?

How to get trained in Lean?

What Lean Six Sigma Course is Right For You?

We rap up the course with:

Fundamentals of Lean Test

Course Conclusion

A look at the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the Fundamentals of Lean course, we look at what is behind Lean Thinking and the approach developed by Toyota. It might be free, but the course looks at waste, process thinking, Lean Thinking and how the Fundamentals of Lean can be applied to any business.

Yes, the Fundamentals of Lean course is 100% free. 

The course generally takes around 90 mins to complete

Yes, once you have completed all the modules and passed the Fundamentals of Lean short multiple choice exam, you will receive your Fundamentals of Lean Certificate.

When you register, you get 30 days to complete the course, so plenty of time.

While the course is 100% free, we do have to maintain and pay user fees for everyone who is active on the course. Therefore, to keep this Fundamentals of Lean course available for free to everyone, we limit the time users can have access. If you upgrade to any of our other courses, then you access will not be limited.


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