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Building World-Class Problem Solving Skills

Developing Leaders, Not Certificates

We help organisations build world-class problem-solving skills in their teams. Our Lean Academy L&D Program develops your team’s skills, creates value for customers and provides a  strong return on investment.

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We have helped a large range of global organisations build world-class problem solving skills within their organisations

We have helped a large range of global organisations build world-class problem solving skills within their organisations


Learning Platforms

Access our Lean Academy with fully certified Lean Six Sigma Courses and Certification including real-world project support and full Learning & Develop support.

Video Library

$ 3995
/USD annually
  • Single Site License = unlimited users in one location
  • Access to online learn­ing on your own time
  • Onboarding by Industry Experts

Learning System

$ 7995
/USD annually
  • Access for 1 - 50 Users
  • Lean Academy hosted LMS - no IT Infrastructure required
  • Ability to track your team progress
  • Access certified Lean Six Sigma Courses
  • Industry experts on-hand ot establish program and setup up onboarding for team success


Global solution for businesses of all sizes. Customer pricing by request
  • Multiple site locations, unlimited users
  • Custom LMS Integration
  • Co-branding for seamless engagement
  • Industry Lean team of experts to guide and advise candidates
  • Access 1-2-1 Mentroing and coaching for team
What we offer

Where do companies go wrong?

Not only is most corporate training ineffective for delivering on today’s needs, but the purpose, timing, and content of training is flawed.

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75% of 1,500 managers surveyed from across 50 organizations were dissatisfied with their company’s Learning & Development function

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Missing Skills

70% of employees report that they don’t have mastery of the skills needed to do their jobs

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Apply New Skills

Only 12% of employees apply new skills learned in L&D programs to their jobs

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Measurable Impact

Only 25% of respondents to a recent McKinsey survey believe that training measurably improved performance

We don´t make the same mistakes

Our corporate Lean Six Sigma Training offers exceptional ROI opportunities by combining training, mentoring, and real-world projects.

What we offer

Increase your Core Performance


Our Approach

Problem-solving skills to drive change

We have developed a full range of courses to build the problem-solving skills to train colleagues at all levels of the organisation. Our courses include onboarding sessions through to fully certified Lean Six Sigma training courses.


In-House and On-Demand Training Program

We offer both in-house and virtual training courses that are  managed through our corporate L&D platform . Our platform can be linked to your HR platform to automatically manage training requirements for current and new colleagues. Each course is fully supported by one of our team.


Team and 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring support

We provide expert mentors to support all participants who are delivering real-world projects. Each cohort is provided a dedicated coach, who provides the team with 1-2-1 project coaching and mentoring. Our team look after your colleagues from start to finish.

MICRO & Online Learning

Flexible learning, maximum retention

We deliver both micro-learning drip-feed courses to self-paced online options that allow your colleagues the flexibility to learn when it suits them. Our courses are supplemented with live webinars to fully develop the  problem-solving capabilities.


Onboard and train remote employees

We offer group-wide onboarding courses to onboard and train new and existing colleagues. By a single upload or API integration, we can deliver training to any scale, quickly and efficiently to drive the culture of continuous improvement.


Delivering real projects that drive ROI

Each of our core courses has a practical real-world self-direct project requirement. These projects give colleagues real problem-solving and change management experience, but also deliver between 500% and 5000% returns on your investment turning training costs into a business investments.

Our Lean Training Program Platofrm

The Lean Academy: A L&D Platform for Business Growth & Transformation

Through equipping teams with the critical skills required to focus on value creation, improve efficiencies through process-thinking, optimise performance and identify opportunities for future growth, the Leanscape Academy empowers individuals at every level of an organisation to provide value and instigate lasting change. It is these capabilities that define the world’s most successful companies today.

The Lean Academy provides organisations of all sizes with access to a Learning & Development platform designed to level-up your teams and your results. With a unique blend of online training, webinars, coaching and 1-2-1 mentoring, we can help accelerate your growth and transformation.

Whether you are the head of an organisation looking to accelerate your companies growth, transformation and bottom-line results or an HR executive looking to invest in employee development programs, the Lean Academy was designed to support businesses in their goals and train not only highly accredited executives – but to develop the next generation of leaders.

The teaching and training of Lean Six Sigma theory and analytical toolkit is combined with projects that immediately incorporate and put into practice the skills learnt. This contextual application of theory in project based work, that has as its objective targeted financial gain, means trainees deliver  concrete return on investment for businesses.

The skills taught through the Lean Six Sigma methodology incorporate the ability to deconstruct the problem at hand, to identify opportunities within the totality of processes, and to test new ways of doing, thinking or behaving. In separating the critical few from the trivial many, the lean approach to business management and leadership is a suite of skills that is not outmoded in change, but ever more relevant. 

Rather than focusing on the latest technology or business-specific tasks, the Lean Six Sigma method gives individuals the knowledge, which once applied becomes wisdom, through developing the capacity and physical ability to adapt organisations to innovations in technology and changes in consumer demand. 

In a world of accelerating technological innovation, and finite resources, this meta-skill set is not just relevant, but essential, for survival.

Beyond the classroom hours, project application and certifications, the vision of leanscape.io is to develop the next generation of leaders. Knowledge turns to wisdom when it is placed into practice, meaning that the delivery of the training takes place in an engaging, enthusiastic and immersive experience of the highest quality and through on-going mentoring support and networking. 

Leanscape trains corporates with an incentive that builds leadership qualities at individuals across all hierarchal levels of a business to create a mindset of people in a work force who are continually asking, continually testing, continually learning. For professional individuals, Leanscape equips people with the skills essential for long-term career success in the modern world where being comfortable with learning the core skills of problem solving, analytical skills, data and insights, and testing for innovation, are essential to success. 

The holistic perspective of the lean approach to business is one that ultimately empowers individuals within the structure of an organisation to work on value creation from the technical back end to the level of customer experience and value creation. The realisation of leaders is done through the quality of teaching materials, the online learning experience, and the use of tangible project-based application, the relationship developed with others and on-going mentoring. It is the culmination of the values, knowledge and capabilities of leanscape.io’s offering.

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We help clients to our clients through Lean Training to driver real-world business improvements and create value for the business and customers



All our courses focus on the delivery of real-world projects and our students return $5 to $50 for every $1 spent on our courses, coaching and mentoring.

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