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We help build organisations build world-class problem-solving skills through our Lean Training Program helping to reduce costs and create value for customers.

Looking to develop your teams and improve your business performance?

A Lean Training Program to boost team and company performance

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Our Courses

Lean Training Program for Corporate teams

Our Lean Training Program offers both on-demand and onsite training programs tailored to your employees. With actual real-world project delivery, we help create future business leaders and change agents.


Onsite and On-Demand Training Program

Our On-Demand virtual solutions are scaled to fit your business needs. We combine on-site workshops with a fully online, on-demand L&D platform to build capabilities and problem-solving skills.


Team and 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring support

We provide expert mentors to support all participants. Depending on the course, we provide team and 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring to all participants. This is to ensure every business get the most from each participant offering a strong return on investment from all identified projects.

On-Demand Learning

Flexible learning, maximum retention

With a fully mobile and desktop ready platform, the learning experience gives the greatest flexibility to drive engagement and learning retention.


Onboard and train remote employees

COVID-19 changed employee training forever. A well designed online learning platform will give you the confidence to train remotely and collaborate and drive projects through remote teams.


Delivering real projects that drive ROI

We have to take learning and apply it. Each of our courses has a practical real-world project delivery requirement driving between 500% and 5000% returns on your investment. Turning training costs into business investments.

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The Lean Academy: A L&D Platform for Business Growth & Transformation

Through equipping teams with the critical skills required to focus on value creation, improve efficiencies through process-thinking, optimise performance and identify opportunities for future growth, the Leanscape Academy empowers individuals at every level of an organisation to provide value and instigate lasting change. It is these capabilities that define the world’s most successful companies today.

Through engaging professional training, Reagan has been able to implement lasting change by equipping in-house teams with the critical abilities to focus on the creation of value, improve efficiencies of processes, optimise performance and identify opportunities for growth. These skills enable executives at every level of an organisation to provide value and to instigate change – and drive growth and transformation.

The Lean Academy provides organisations of all sizes with access to a Learning & Development platform designed to level-up your teams and your results. With a unique blend of online training, webinars, coaching and 1-2-1 mentoring, we can help accelerate your growth and transformation. 

Whether you are the head of an organisation looking to accelerate your companies growth, transformation and bottom-line results or an HR executive looking to invest in employee development programs, the Lean Academy was designed to support business in their goals and train not only highly accredited executives – but to develop the next generation of leaders.

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