What Qualities Do Employers Look For In Potential Employees?

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Employers are moving away from qualification to recruiting employees with the right qualities.

A 2018 study revealed that it takes job hunters approximately five months to find a new position. The job market is competitive and you need to ensure that you can impress an employer who is looking to fill a position. To do this, it is important to understand the top qualities for employers researching candidates? So, what qualities do employers look for in potential employees? Here are some vital skills to focus on.

Problem Solving

First, you need to make sure that you are effective at solving problems. Problem-solving is an example of a lean skill that can be acquired through training from sources such as the Leanscape program. Lean is based on the concept of maximizing value while effectively minimizing waste. If you have skills like this, you will provide support to employers working to achieve a higher level of efficiency. You should show evidence that you can identify and solve workplace problems with confidence and often without micro-management.

What Employers Want


Working effectively as part of a team will be essential to ensure that a business model runs smoothly without any issues or delays. By working with those around you will be more effective at completing day-to-day tasks. Employers search for individuals who can strengthen the team as a whole, pulling up the weaker members and leading the group in various activities. Since this is one of the top qualities for employers, you should focus on examples in your personal and professional life where you have worked as a team to highlight in an interview.

Customer Focus

As an employer or manager, you must ensure that you are focused on providing for the needs of the customer. Regardless of your position or role, this is always going to be a fundamental part of any job interview or in any employee. You need to understand the mindset of the customer and their pain points and have the ability to provide them with a personalized service. Remember, in terms of customer service, perception is often reality. Ultimately, you need to show an employer that you can create the right impression of their brand with the service you provide. 

Relationship Building

Finally, you need to ensure that you are effective at building relationships as part of a business. You must build relationships with other members of your team, clients, and managers as well as establishing a strong network of professionals in your industry. Relationship building is another one of the fundamental lean skills that employers are keen to find when hiring a new candidate. To build relationships, you need to ensure that you are likable, reliable, and transparent when you are communicating with people in a business setting.

We hope this helps you understand what qualities employers look for in potential employees. It should also help you pinpoint the areas you need to focus on to ensure that you are a more valuable hire to any employer. To fine-tune your skills and resume profile, check out more here.

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