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Learn to Add Value

“Stopping what doesn’t add value is the quickest way to start improving.”

At the core of #Lean is the idea of value. If what we are doing is not driving value, then we should stop or try to stop that activity. No questions asked. – @PrinciplesOfLean

In today’s business world, creating greater customer value is critical if we want to survive. We are often so busy, with to do lists in 10 different places, that we rarely stop, reflect and focus on what actually is important – and what activities my “just be noise”.

The same also goes for the way we choose to live our lives. We are customers of our own lives and learning to identify the value we receive from the way we choose to live is incredibly important. Does 15 mins reading a decent book correspond to 15 mins of scrolling through social media?

So be brave – and even if you cannot change straight away – ask yourself during the day “Is what I am are doing right now adding value?”.

Who would notice if you just stopped doing it? Will the firefight you are currently in just disappear and and be replaced by a new number 1 priority tomorrow?

You might be surprised by what you can just stop doing.


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