Principle 14: Create a Learning Organisation to Drive Change

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Grow by making small daily changes

“Small daily, seemingly insignificant improvements, when done consistently over time, yield staggering results.” -The 5 AM Club – Robin Sharma

The ability to learn is at the heart of Lean thinking. If you want to succeed, you have to learn how to learn. And the faster you can learn, the quicker you will grow.

There is no secret today – the most critical part of developing a successful business and being successful as an individual is designing feedback loops to that you can continually experiment, test, learn and excel at customer value creation.

As Eric Ries said in The Startup Way:

“The only way to win is to learn faster than everyone else.”

Setting up a lean organisation or a lean process is not about developing something perfect. It doesn’t matter how good that process is when it starts. What matters most to us is that the process is standardised. Without a standard process, you can not begin to learn. Without learning, you can not improve.

Kaizen is about the power of “micro-wins” – the 1% improvement you can quickly make daily. The 1% improvement which, when made daily leads to unbelievable performance improvements for the team within a week. Within a month, the department looks good too, and within a year, the business stands out within the market place.

If you can have the discipline to “stack” daily results on top of each other, your business and your performance will rocket.

Extraordinary results are become of the feedback loops design to learn fast. Learning is possible because of deliberate practice. And deliberate practise means that everyone is looking for better ways of working every day.

The challenge for companies is to build and nourish the momentum needed at the start. Companies need help to create the right processes to start with and help to create the KPI’s and measurements to monitor performance to learn. And this is our expertise.

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Books/Audible Mentioned:

Eric Reis – The Lean Startup

The 5 AM Club

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  1. […] If you find an issue, stop, fix it and feed it back quickly and begin the kaizen approach to finding the right long term solutions. This links directly into Principle 14 – Creating the learning organisation. […]

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