An Operational Excellence Training Program Delivers $4M in Costs Savings

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In 2019, we launched a global education program to deliver process efficiencies, drive cost optimisation and develop best practise sharing across the global Express Delivery and Logistics company.

The project was multiphased.

Phase 1 was a holistic approach taken to train a large number of people and through project mentoring and coaching, drive sustainable projects with real return on Investment. We designed and personalised a 2.5 day Lean focused training course and trained over 170 candidates from 23 countries. The total benefits so far is $2.3M with a second Phase 1 round planned for late 2020.

Phase 2 focused on more executive leadership training and building future talent within the company. Candidates who successfully delivered a real-world project were invited to take a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course. Once again, this was a mixture between a 3.5-day training course, monthly webinars and project coaching and mentoring. We have trained 37 people and the project benefits from their projects will be $2M. More importantly, these will be the change agents of the future.

Phase 3 – which is planned for 2021, is to take the top 10 to 15 candidates and deliver a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course so they are ready to drive corporate-wide change projects and prepare for new leadership roles within the company.


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