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Supercharge your career using the lean methodology. Become a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified professional.


Yellow Belt Syllabus Course Overview

Follow each of our Yellow Belt Course modules at your own pace. Every section builds your knowledge and understanding of essential business improvement tools.


Our onboarding module gives students a comprehensive introduction to Lean Six Sigma and how it works. It provides an overview of the course structure, certification process, and how to navigate the course.

Students will also learn about the key benefits for organisations and individuals who implement Lean Six Sigma strategies. Furthermore, the module dives into ways to access discussion groups and receive feedback on their progress.

Module 01 is a deep dive into Lean Thinking covering the key concepts, the philosophy and Lean tools.

In this section, we begin by explore what Lean is and what does Lean Thinking mean both for organis

Our onboarding module introduces you to the way the course works and provides an overview of the course structure and certification process.

ations and for individuals. As you go through this section, you focus on process thinking, workplace organisation and begin to identify real-world opportunities for improvement.

Lean Thinking | Customer Value | 8 Wastes | Process Thinking | 5S and Workplace Design

We start with an introduction into the DMAIC Problem Solving approach before exploring the various Define phase requirements.

A vast majority of projects fail because they fail to correctly capture what the project is about, what the goal is and who the customer. In this module, we explore how to identify project opportunities, setup projects and project teams and how to ensure our process, customer and stakeholders are aligned.

DMAIC | Problem & Goal Statements | Customer Value | Process Thinking | Project Charters | Teams & Structure

In this module, we apply the Define phase learnings to measure process performance. We discuss how to choose appropriate measures and use data to understand the baseline performance of our processes.

At the end of this Module, you will be able to develop a measurement system that gives us an understanding of the current process performance.

Understanding Data | Basic Statistics | Data Collection | Graphical Analysis | Process Capability | Performance Baseline

In this module, we explore the analysis of data collected during the Measure phase. We look at graphical and statistical techniques for analysing data and how to use these methods to understand variation in our processes.

You will learn how to draw conclusions from the data and develop hypotheses about the causes of process variation.

Root Causes | Correlation & Regression | Risk Analysis | 5 Why & Fishbone | Process Flow & Pull | Graphical Analysis

The Improve phase involves finding opportunities to improve our processes by understanding the relationships between cause and effect. We look at how to generate, test and refine improvement solutions and ensure we select suitable improvement projects.

At the end of this Module, you will have the tools and techniques to develop an improvement plan and be ready to begin to implement the improvements.

Brainstorming | Ideation | Error Proofing | Visual Management | Pilot Studies | Prioritisation Matrix

In this module, we look at ensuring that our processes continue to perform as expected after improvements have been made. We explore establishing controls, monitoring performance and developing an effective control process.

At the end of this Module, you will be able to set up an effective process of monitoring and control.

SPC | Standard Work | Benefit Analysis | Project Close Out

This module is focused on introducing the ideas and concepts behind change management. Change Management is critical for any Lean Practitioner to make lasting change happen.

We introduce the idea of the change curve and how to support your teams through change.

Change Management | Change Curve

With all the theory and learning behind you, this module includes your final multiple choice exam.

There are no limits on the number of times you can take the exam, but an 80% pass rate is required.

The last module is your opportunity to complete a real-world project with our support, coaching and mentoring. You must deliver either a real-world improvement or a simulated example (given by us) to finalise your certification.

You have direct access to your coach and mentor to support you through either the simulated or real-world project.

Project Delivery | Managing a Project | Driving Real World Change

The final Course Summary and time for you to congratulate yourself on completing the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course.


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Rating 4.7 (990)
Gregory Houlders
Gregory Houlders
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"Very well constructed course by a company that obviously knows Lean Six Sigma very well."
  Mustafa Molla
Mustafa Molla
Business Analyst
Read More
“Thank you so much for this amazing interactive course – It is great to use the collaboration tools”
Karolina Figueiredo
Karolina Figueiredo
Read More
Exceptional!!! The training exceeds all my expectations!
Ruby Wolff
Ruby Wolff
Read More
The Leanscape journey and introduction to Lean is simply magic. I have been on several Lean management and 5S courses and seminars, but Reagan’s comes out tops. I could literally see light bulbs turn on in people’s heads.
Marco Murru
Marco Murru
Quality | Health Care
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The videos, activities and presentations are clear, and well structured. Reagan’s knowledge and experience in Six Sigma made it easy to learn and be engaged. The course improved the way we look at how we work … and I feel more confident about implementing changes to improve quality and safety in the organisation
Adam Moorehouse
Adam Moorehouse
Operations Director
Read More
The Lean Academy's "online learning material content is excellent, support is given by the team via calls, webinars and one to one sessions which are all world-class.

What business management skills will you acquire

Analytical Thinking

Learn to improve and control data collection and analytical tools to deliver business-critical insights and leverage data-led solutions to identify impactful business improvements.

Critical Thinking

Develop your critical thinking tool kits to turn business challenges into opportunities to navigate the constantly changing business landscape.

Strategic Thinking

Expand your strategic mindset to link customers, processes and business results to identify strategically focused projects for long-term growth.

Complex Problem Solving

Develop the mindset and capability to attack large and complex business challenges and deliver improvement throughout the business.

Leadership and Influence

Build your change management, project leadership and influencing skills to align people across the organisation and build high-performing teams through the growth mindset.

Business Transformation

Leverage Lean Thinking to identify organisation-wide improvement initiatives into transformation programs.

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