Lean Six Sigma Certification in Dubai

How to Get Lean Six Sigma Certified in Dubai?


Dubai is one of the largest economies in the UAE and one of the most quickly developing regions globally. For its industry leaders to keep pace with the region’s rapid development, they will have to utilize effective workflow optimization practices. One of the leading methodologies used worldwide is Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. Both require diligent training and proper certifications for anyone wanting to improve their company’s performance. This article will go over everything you need to know about Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma certification in Dubai.

Six Sigma Vs. Lean Six Sigma

Six Sigma and its variant, Lean Six Sigma, are methodologies that attempt to improve workflow efficiency. While both attempt to achieve the same result, they differ in their approach. Standard Six Sigma attempts to reduce variation and create more efficient processes. On the other hand, Lean Six Sigma attempts to optimize processes by reducing waste and removing valueless procedures and systems. Currently, Lean Six Sigma certification in Dubai is the more applicable certification as compared to Six Sigma, although either will certainly help improve productivity.

What Are the Levels of Six Sigma?

If you’re looking to become lean Six Sigma certified in Dubai, you should be aware of different levels and their requirements, as each has a corresponding certification associated with it. The levels are:

White Belt: An entry-level and overview understanding of Six Sigma philosophies and processes.

Yellow Belt:
This level focuses on the practical application of Six Sigma methodologies to improve productivity.

Green Belt:
This certification applies to team leads and project managers who direct, control, and improve processes in their workplace; this certification usually works directly under a black belt.

Black Belt: The Six Sigma experts lead and execute Six Sigma Projects.

Master Black Belts: This is the top of the Six Sigma hierarchy; Master Black Belts direct and oversee Six Sigma projects and functions.

Where Can I Get Certified in Dubai?

When you search for anything regarding Dubai Lean Six Sigma, the first thing you will come across are dozens of local and international organizations offering Six Sigma classes and certifications. This is because no official governing body standardizes or regulates Six Sigma, its curriculum, or certifications. As a result, many universities and organizations offer Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Certifications in Dubai, each with their own individual costs, classes, and exams. Simply put, you can get a certification from any institution that offers one; however, not all certifications are created equal or are recognized by the industries in Dubai. So when choosing an institution for certification, you should select one that your company or prospective company supports and recognizes. We offer a wide range of Six Sigma classes, workshops, and certifications that are recognized in Dubai and throughout the rest of the world.

Once I Have a Certification In Mind, How Do I Acquire It?

Each organization has its own means of application and certification; generally, most respectable institutions will require classes, starting at around eight hours for White Belt certifications and up to four weeks for Black Belts, followed by one or multiple exams and projects. 

Most industry professionals and Lean Six Sigma experts also recommend Lean Six Sigma Training Courses with mentorship programs to assist in classes and certification exams. If you have more questions about Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, or Six Sigma certifications, you can read more about them on our Lean Six Sigma Training section of our blog or contact us here.

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