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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course – London

Gain a practical understanding of the Lean Six Sigma approach through our 5-Day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course & Certificate, a training program to develop your skills for the new landscape of business. Earn the certificate by completing the 5 Day course and real-life business improvement project.

This workshop is a hands-on, fully immersive program to learn, practise and explore the full potential of lean thinking and the lean six sigma problem-solving approach. Develop the meta-skills required to deconstruct complex problems, identify opportunities and test new ways of doing and thinking to lead change. With hands-on 1-2-1 coaching, we mentor and train you to become leaders in your organisation so wherever you are in your career, our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate is for you and will give you the skills to unlock your full potential.

Learn to thrive in a world of constant change.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to deconstruct process and drive waste out across your organisation
  • Learn to identify what adds value in your organisation and with focus, make your organisation into a leader
  • Development the analytical capability to identify root causes and move beyond opinions to solid data-driven decisions that hold value
  • Learn the problem-solving approaches used in Toyota, Ford, GE and other leading companies, to drive transformative change across your organisation.
  • Learn to leverage the lean approach to innovation and launch new products and service quicker and faster with more likelihood of success
  • Develop the change agent mindset and skill set to sucessful manage complex problems with senior stakeholders
  • “The only thing in the competitive landscape not about to change, is change itself. Lean Six Sigma gives you the skill set to not only thrive in change but to lead change”

Project Requirements:

The workshop lasts for 5 days and on completion, you will receive the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Certification. However, to receive the full Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate, you will need to put the learnings into practice. Therefore, you will be required to submit a real-life process improvement which will take 3 to 6 months following the course.

Included in this workshop fee is up to 6 months 1-2-1 mentoring via our Lean Academy and monthly project reviews to share learnings and transfer the knowledge from the classroom to wisdom through practice. This holistic approach is what unlocks your full potential.

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What is included?

  • 5-days interactive training
  • 6 months 1-2-1 project mentoring
  • Alumni network access
  • Weekly micro-learnings and videos
  • Monthly group learning circles
  • Certificate on Completion


TBC – London

Workshop Lead

Reagan will be the workshop leader and the workshops will be delivered with the same passion and energy that lead him to create LeanScape in the first place. So far in 2019, Reagan has trained 170 people across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia – so a great opportunity to get your seat secured.

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Courses London

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      What level of Lean Six Sigma Qualification will I receive?

      The Foundations of Lean Six Sigma Certificate is equivalent to a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate which will be included as part of your certificate.

      Gaining the knowledge and being able to apply the understanding in real environments is essential for all professionals today. By earning the Foundations of Lean Six Sigma Certificate, you will have not only gained excellent experience but also learned how to apply the different tools in different areas.

      This will ensure your skills and career opportunities.

      Should I have already taken an Lean Six Sigma Courses?

      There is no requirement to have any previous knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. Our Foundations to Lean Six Sigma Certificate workshop has been designed to cover all previous material. Some of the optional reading and pre-work will help candidates who are completely new to Lean Six Sigma to become familiar ahead of the course.

      Is there a requirement to complete a Project?

      The Foundations of Lean Six Sigma certificate is received once a project has been completed and the 5 days workshop has been attended. Following the workshop, we will schedule monthly 1-2-1 calls with you to support you for up to 6-months all the way through the project.

      Is there any pre-work required?

      Once you book your space on the course, we will share with you a suggested reading list and we do suggest that the books are read before the course begins. We will also share with you a number of interesting articles, videos and other material before course kicks off. The idea is that when you turn up to the course, we can spend as much time in discussions and team exercises.

      What can I do after the Foundations of Lean Six Sigma workshop?

      The goal of the Foundations in Lean Six Sigma Certificate is that the course will enable you to run your own projects and begin to really drive significant and sustainable improvements across all areas of business. Having this certificate will also help improve your career progression.

      If you wish to take your learnings further, you can move on to our Advanced Lean Six Sigma Certificate (Black Belt) and take your skills and capabilities to the next level.

      How do I purchase more than one seat for a team?

      We currently require learners looking to purchase more than one seat for the Foundations of Lean Six Sigma Certificate to let us know by emailing masterclass@leanscape.io and we will take care of the process of payment and enrolling you.

      Where can I learn more about Lean Six Sigma?

      A great question. “Lean” in particular is still misunderstood by many and still there are others who have not heard of it at all even though Toyota was really the founding father of Lean and Lean Thinking. To learn a little more about lean take a look at a few of our articles on our Lean Thinking Blog to get you started.

      Improvement Thinking – It’s not new

      Brilliant Leadership is useless without Operational Excellence

      7 Lean Wastes

      Are refreshments and lunch provided?

      Yes. All the workshops have refreshments and lunch provided and we can accommodate any dietary requirements. Before the start of the workshop, we will be in touch with to confirm any additional requirements.

      Is there any accommodation offers?

      Unless specified, we do not have any direct relationships with the hotels where we run the training or the hotels nearby. However, we are more than happy to request on your behalf especially if there are others who are interested. Please email masterclass@leanscape.io if you would like more information.


      30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

      Customer Feedback

      “The course was fantastic – really enjoyed the interaction during the 5 days and the mentoring was a real standout for me.”

      Ali Canon

      “The 5-day course was great and with the mentoring, I delivered an asset management program across the business. Awsome experience!”

      Kyleigh Tucker

      Want to learn more and get to know us more.