No time to think

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In the video Bill Peterson looks at how productivity is impacted in our current organisations. Without time to think, how can we reach our true potential. With a unique personal take on the 7 Wastes (check out the article on waste and value) its a great video to remind ourselves how busy we actually are and if we are spending our time doing the right thing.

“…In the road to human potential the customer is you”

We are all so busy – busy being busy – which more than not justifies our place within many workplaces. But as Bill points out, from a personal point of view, what could we be doing better.

The eighth waste – often themed around the idea of “people” – is  where individual capability is not being used, wasted. Our people or us are not using our full capability or adding our full value.

Our busy work lifestyles means none of us are really performing at our true capability. How can you be if you have no time to think?

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